Angel Circle

Month of Expansion

Hello Earth Angel! I am honored and grateful to be sharing with YOU through this Divinely led Angel Circle. I am committed to being of service to your progress in remembering who YOU authentically are. Every month you will connect to the month's guidance from the Angelic realm and Ascended Lights. It is an interactive experience that includes:


This Month: This MONTH the focus is on Expansion and your inherent gift to move graciously and harmoniously into states of expansion. This is part of your life force, which is in a constant state of evolution.

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Emily The Angel Coach
Emily The Angel Coach

Emily- The Angel Coach

Emily Rivera is a national speaker, trainer, coach and intuitive practitioner who has guided countless individuals and groups across the United States on a journey towards self-discovery. Through Emily’s seminars and individual sessions, participants learn to identify and understand guidance and unlock the power of their personal intuition to better create the life of their dreams. From showing clients how to tune into their innate intuition, sharing techniques for attracting and fostering healthy relationships and encouraging the release of mental barriers, Emily addresses the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm with a focus on strengthening the power one has to live a life full of abundance and joy.

Emily Rivera is also a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and author on Angels Guidance who has dedicated her life to the service of sharing the messages, guidance, tools and love of Spirit.

Since childhood, Emily’s intuitive force has manifested in myriad ways—as a small voice from within to consciously communicating with the spiritual realm of Angles, Ascended Masters and Divine Beings of Light, all of whom provide continual teachings and communication.


Spirit serves as the primary guide through each seminar and session, providing a wholly unique experience each time, tailored for participants based on their receptiveness to healing, inspiration, and spiritual awareness. A gentle, loving energy is infused into all of her private sessions and events, creating the space for participants to unleash and amplify the power generated through intentions and spiritual connection. Emily has assisted thousands of people in consciously co-creating with Spirit to improve life experience, gain more clarity, and manifest peace, and joy. Emily is the author of the book Connecting with The Angels, along with several published articles and offers a variety of recorded materials to further support growth, healing, and connection with Spirit.

What's included?

3 Videos
2 PDFs
1 Audio