$97.00 / month

Angel Circle

Join a tribe of Angels, collaborating as a Tribe of Light in supporting YOU

$97.00 / month

Angel Circle- July Month of Expansion

Hello Earth Angel! I am honored and grateful to be sharing with YOU through this Divinely led Angel Circle. I am committed to being of service to your progress in remembering who YOU authentically are. Every month Energy is unique and Divinely guided


Seeing Auras and Energies

In this Event the Angels and Ascended Light guide us through a journey of discovery and unveiling, as we open up our seeing and our ability to perceive auras and the energies around us, others, and this physical world.


Jumping Timelines

The Angel Coach will be sharing the teachings being guided by the beings of light that have been connecting with her. Included is guidance, exercises, and concepts that enable us to explore the possibilities into shape shifting through time


Creating a Powerful Momentum in Your Year

We get the opportunity to choose daily, who we want to be and what it is we are choosing to embody. In this course, you will learn strategies that can help you better step into this truth, while learning how to create and maintain a Powerful Momentum


Activating Your Light Body

There is a movement taking place within our individual and collective consciousness of ascension and LOVE. During this 2 part series, guidance will be shared by 3 Angelic Beings, into how to enter the light of BEING in preparation for the changes.